Dr. Michelle Bailey“At the time I started coaching with Pam, I felt overwhelmed by the challenge of figuring out how to grow and nurture my business while practicing medicine full-time.  Through Pam’s insightful guidance, she has helped me focus on my unique strengths in a way that allowed me to leverage the finite time available to move me in the direction of my goals.  The individualized attention provided consistent accountability and the opportunity to glean new insights about the limiting beliefs that served to keep me stuck.  With Pam’s warm and caring support, I have launched a new website and rebranded my business offerings. Most importantly, I have gained valuable clarity to better align my day-to-day life with what matters most.  I highly recommend Pam.”

Michelle Bailey MD, Pediatrician

“I was burned out in clinical medicine, frustrated with patient care, and needed a change. Working with Pam, I learned to think of myself as a whole person — and not just “a doctor.” Scheduling time for things I enjoy helps me be happier and healthier. I learned that it’s “ok” to take care of myself too. Now I am more balanced in my work and relationships. I do not dread going to work every day. I can make my own happiness by focusing more on my own needs and wants.

Getting to this point meant stretching out of my comfort zone to evaluate my own thinking. I saw that my “knee-jerk” reaction to view things negatively (or with anxiety at times) was preventing me from making changes and choices that are positive. Pam helped me learn to pause, explore where my feelings are coming from, and consider the whole situation – which helps reduce my own anxiety. Having someone else help you stay accountable and be a cheerleader in your corner, is a great support when making changes in your life!”

JW, MD, Family Medicine

“Before coaching with Pam, I struggled with enjoying going to work in my traditionally-employed family medicine job. I’d had anxiety attacks after being on call for 72 hours, and awake for all but 4 of those hours. I’d started fearing the anxiety itself, as well as my overnight calls for the practice. I was so anxious, I was not pleasant to my family when I was with them — because I lived in fear during my every 3rd-day call.

Through coaching, I learned to really focus on what I wanted, rather than only what I would tolerate from the practice. Examples: Working to implement more time with patients during the clinic day, plus more buffer in my schedule to handle the unexpected.

After 1.5 years, I have resigned from my employed job, moved states, started my own direct primary care office, and am a better wife and mother. Plus, now I’m happy going to work in the morning. After a year of coaching, Pam emailed me a copy of my ideal clinic that I’d written up when we started. Nearly 90% of those desires are now my reality, given the major changes I’ve made in my life! I had the confidence to jump and leave what was a very unhealthy situation for me.

Pam challenged me to find things to celebrate, even when I thought there weren’t any. Now I look at all I have to celebrate in my changes. I was surprised at the amount of manifesting we did. Together we would plant the seed, I took specific action steps — and a year later, it was a reality!”

JS, MD, Family Medicine

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